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The Vestiges Guild & The Vestiges Social

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about us

who are the vestiges?

The Vestiges family of guilds is comprised of two guilds: The Vestiges Guild (TVG) and The Vestiges Social (TVS). TVG Is a weekly dues guild with a high ranked trader, while TVS is a free guild with a moderately ranked trader. TVG dues are 5K gold per week depositted to the guild bank. TVS requires a one time payment of 5K gold depositted to the guild bank for bank and trader access. TVG stocks the guild bank with research items and requests that members deposit 100 gold for each research item taken. Please do not hoard research items or sell items from the guild bank. Research items are restocked on the following schedule:

  • Blacksmithing: Tuesday & Friday
  • Clothing: Wednesday
  • Woodworking: Monday & Thursday

The guild hall, hosted by Buzzy Buzzard and decorated by Tchotchky, is fully stocked with all the amenities: parse dummies, transmute station, attunible stations, cooking fire, enchanting station, alchemy station, banker, merchant, armory, outfit station, mundus stones.


Sign-Up Trials

There are currently two sign-up trial runs held weekly. The leader guides the group through 1-3 trials and explains proper mechanics for those who have not run trials before. Level and experience do not matter and all guild members are encouraged to sign up on Discord to reserve and guarantee a spot.

  • Tuesday 9-11pm ET | Taco Tuesday Trials led by Metanoiadude. #taco-tuesday-trials
  • Friday 9-11pm ET | Friday Night Trials: led by Poseidon1984. #friday-night-trials

Miscellaneous & PvP

  • Sunday 1-3pm ET | Kilts & Camels Runs: Led by Team RodZilla, a variety of missions are undertaken each week including Naked & Afraid Public Dungeons, Luck of the Die, Regional Daily Quests, and many other miscellaneous objectives. The last Sunday of each month is reserved for the Last Sunday Cyrodiil Run and represents The Ebonheart Pact (red).
  • Thursday 9-11pm ET | Bloodthirsty Thursdays: A weekly venture into Cyrodiil led by theschuttgun. The group always represents the Ebonheart Pact (red). No experience in Cyrodiil is necessary. Join in and have fun. For The Pact!

core groups

the vestiges guilds core groups

There is currently 1 core team: TVG Core. They meet twice weekly and are dedicated to progressing and completing veteran trial content. The core teams are always in need of verified backups.

  • Sunday/Wednesday 9-11pm ET | TVG Core led by mad money 401.

To be verified, submit a request along with the following:
DPS: Post a video of your best parse against the 21M trial dummy to Discord #parses. Include blue CP setup, skills including skill line passives, equipment, food buff, and character sheet in your parse video.
Support: Post proof of clears of veteran DLC trials to Discord #clears.

In lieu of the items listed above, you can invite mike038 to join you in a veteran DLC dungeon and he can verify you based on performance and/or give you tips on how to improve your build and tactics.



Guildmaster - The Vestiges Social

Co-Guildmaster - The Vestiges Guild

"Grand Master Crafter"

Buzzy Buzzard

Guildmaster - The Vestiges Guild

Co-Guildmaster - The Vestiges Social

"Grand Master Crafter"

Enchanted SH

Sr. Officer

"The Vestiges Guild Founder. Happy to craft research nirnhoned for Member rank and above. Just send nirncrux. Also have vampire bites."


Sr. Officer

"Grand Master Crafter"


Sr. Officer

"Feel free to contact me if you need help with DPS or parses."

Ole Scary Eyes

Sr. Officer - The Vestiges Guild

"Grand Master Crafter"

Team RodZilla

Run Coordinator

"Join me on Sundays at 1pm ET for the Kilts & Camels Run. Catch me on Twitch during guild runs:"


Officer - The Vestiges Social


Officer - The Vestiges Guild

"Join me in Cyrodiil"


Officer - The Vestiges Social

Twizted Fizter

Officer - The Vestiges Guild

"Grand Master Crafter"